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9018-50 AC Current Probe -FMI
AC Clamp On Current Prob

Category:Clamp On Sensors

Easy-to-use, current to voltage transformer

Intended primarily for application as an input sensor for a recorder

A secondary output provides an AC voltage waveform, and can be connected to an input impedance over 1M-ohm

Rated current 500 A AC (10 A to 500 A full scale, 6 ranges selectable)

Frequency band width 40 to 3 kHz (1 % max.), phase 2.5 max.

Accuracy (at 50 or 60 Hz) 1.5 % rdg. 0.1 % f.s.

Output rate 0.2 V AC at full scale range (waveform output), Output terminal: Insulated BNC

Max. circuit voltage 600 V AC rms (insulated wire)

Core jaw dia. 46 mm(1.81 in), or 50 mm(1.97 in) 20 mm(0.79 in) busbar

Power supply None

Dimensions, mass 74 mm(2.91 in)W 184 mm(7.24 in)H 37 mm(1.46 in)D, 410 g (14.5 oz), cord length: 3 m(9.84 ft)

Accessories None

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