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3664 Optical Power Meter -FMI
Optical Power Meter

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Highly versatile optical power meter for production lines, R&D and maintenance

Compensation function for the laser light source testing

Dual power system

Fully remote operation via USB interface

Optical power measurement W, dBm

Range setting Auto (Manual setting available)

Accuracy ±0.7% (±5% in combination with the optional sensor)

Wavelength sensitivity compensation Can be set for every 1nm.

Automatic compensation for the sensor’s sensitivity

Max. 10 wavelengths preset (including initial value for a sensor)

Scaling Can be set for each wavelength.

Relative measurement Display the relative value to the measured value or set value.

(Displayed value = Measured value – Reference value)

Reference value can be set from the measured value or manual input.

Settable range: 0.001nW to 1.9999W (-90.00dBm to 33.00dBm)

Display 4-1/2 digit, (19999 max.), Display resolution: 0.01dBm / 0.01dB

Measurement display unit nW, mW, mW, dBm, dB

Wavelength display 4 digit, Unit: nm

Display update rate 330ms approx.

MAX/MIN display Maximum and minimum value display while measurement

Average display Display the moving average value.

Averaging times: 2 to 100

Analog output 1V approx. when the sensor calibration point input

Output resistance 50W

Output connector ř3.5 mini jack

Interface Output measurement value and remote control

Auxiliary functions Auto power save, Setting backup, Battery check

Safety EN61010-1: 2001 Pollution degree 2

Power supply AA (LR6) × 4, AC adapter (9445-02

Max. rated power 1.6VA

Continuous battery operation 60 hours approx. (continuous use with the 9742 at calibration point input)

Dimensions and weight 85(W) × 160(H) × 35(D) mm, 270g (excluding batteries)

Specifications of Model 9742 OPTICAL SENSOR

Measurable wavelength 320nm to 1100nm

Measurable power -59dBm to +17dBm (at the calibration wavelength)

Max. rated measurable power 50mW (+17dBm) (at all direction irradiation)

Optic receptacle element Si photo-diode

Receptacle dimensions 9.6mm × 9.6mm

Measurement accuracy ±4.3% (±5% in combination with 3664)

[Calibration conditions] Calibration wavelength: 633nm, Calibration power: 100mW, f2mm parallel beam, Perpendicular input to the center of optical sensor, by CW light

Wavelength initial setting 633nm, 635nm, 650nm, 780nm

Dimensions & weight 9742: 18(W) × 180(H) × 20(D) mm, 100g Cable length: 2m

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