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3561 Battery HiTester -HTI
Lab Battery Tester High Precision

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Category:Battery Testers

The Perfect Battery Tester for the Production Line

Testing source AC 1kHz


Measurement ranges and Accuracy 300 m-Ohm to 3 Ohm, 2 ranges, 0.5 % rdg. 5 dgt.

20 V, 0.01 % rdg. 3 dgt. (Input imperdance 1m-ohm)

Measurement current 10 mA (300 m-Ohm range) to 1 mA (3 -Ohm range)

Max. applied measurement voltage 22 V DC rated input voltage

70 V DC maximum rated voltage above ground

Sampling speed Four steps: 7 ms(Extra-FAST), 23 ms(FAST),

83/69 ms(Medium), 258/251 ms(Slow)

Displays 31,000 full digits (resistance), 19.9999 full digits (voltage), Fluorescent tube

Measurement method Four-terminal AC (1kHz) method

Comparator functions Setting: Upper and lower limit

Output: 3 levels (Hi, In, Lo) or (Pass, Fail), Open-collector, Display, Dual audible indicator

Panel save/load Up to 126 configuration settings

Other functions Over-range display, measurement error detection

Self-calibration, dual comparators, key-lock

Interface External I/O, RS-232C , Printer(RS-232C), GP-IB(3561-01)

PC Software Freeware: BATTERY HiTESTER 3561 Data Capture Software and BATTERY HiTESTER 3561 BIN Measurement Software

Power supply 100 to 240 V AC (50/60 Hz)

Dimensions, mass 215 mmW 80 mmH 295 mmD, 2.4 kg

Accessories Power cord(1)

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