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3246 Pencil HiTester -FMI
Pencil Type DMM with Penlight

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Download Brochure

Pencil-type DMM with Penlight

Full-auto ranging, 4199 count display

Penlight brightly illuminates test points

Overload protection to 600 V (ohm and continuity functions

DC Voltage range 420.0 mV to 600V, 5 ranges, Best accuracy: 1.3 % rdg. 4 dgt.

AC Voltage range 4.200 V to 600V, 4 ranges, Accuracy: 2.3 % rdg. 8 dgt. , Average rectifier effective value

Frequency characteristics at AC Voltage 50 to 500 Hz

Resistance range 420.0 ohm to 42.00 M-ohm, 6 ranges, Best accuracy: 2.0 % rdg. 4 dgt.

Continuity Possible 50 ohm 30 ohm

Diode check Possible (3.4 V open terminal voltage)

Auto power save Possible (Cancel possible)

Range switching Auto or Manual

Display Digital/LCD, maximum 4199 dgt.

Sampling rate 2.5 times/sec

Safety considerations Safety: EN61010, overvoltage category III 600V, EMC: EN61326

Power supply CR2032 1 battery, (Continuous use 150 hours)

Dimensions, mass 30 mm(1.18in)W 182 mm(7.17in)H 26.5 mm(1.05in)D, 80g(2.8 oz)

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