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3237 DMM- HTI
Digital Mulitmeter

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Download Brochure

Benchtop 5-1/2 digits DMM with high-speed comparator and high-accuracy

•Simple function and basic model

•Hign-speed 3.3msec comparator provides for production line use

•Comparator function with open-collecor output, beep sound, or LED display

•Built in RS-232C interface and External control I/O, or added GP-IB interface (-01 model)

DC Voltage

199.999mV to 1000.00V, 5 ranges, Basic accuracy: ±0.025% rdg. ±2 dgt.

AC Voltage

1999.99mV to 750.00V, 4ranges, Frequency characteristics: 10Hz to 30kHz, Basic accuracy: ±0.2% rdg. ±100 dgt., (True RMS rectified, Crest factor addition error: 1 < C.F. ≤ 2: +200 dgt.)

Resistance (2-terminals)

199.999Ω - 100.000MΩ, 7ranges,

Basic accuracy: ±0.05% rdg. ±2 dgt.

Low-power Resistance (2-terminals)

1999.99Ω - 1999.99kΩ, 4ranges, Basic accuracy: ±0.05% rdg. ±6 dgt.

Continuity Test

Beep sound 50.00Ω or less at 1999.99Ω range, Testing current 100μA

Diode Test

With 1999.99 mV range, Testing current 1 mA

Other functions

Comparator, Save/Load of settings, Printer output, Current measurement with clamp-on probes and scaling, External control I/O


Digital LED, max. 199999 digits

Sampling rate

300 times/s (Fast), 8 to 9 times/s (Medium), 1 time/s (Slow)

Power supply

100/ 120/ 220/ 240 V AC (specify when ordering), 50/60 Hz

Dimensions, mass

215mm (8.46in)W × 80mm (3.15in)H × 265mm (10.43in)D, 2.6kg (91.7oz)

Supplied accessories

TEST LEAD L9170-10×1, Instruction Manual×1, Power cord×1, Spare fuse each 1

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