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PD3129 Series Phase Rotation Meter Non-Contact -FMI
Non-Contact Phase Rotation Meter

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Category:Rotation Meters

Top of its Class in Safety

3129 CATIII 600V

3129-10 CATIV 600V/CATIII 1000V Safe

No metallic exposure ensures absolutely safety to the operator

Wide clips compatible to thick cables of up to 40mm in diameter

Measurement Function Phase detection (positive,negative),live wire check (R-S/S-T only)

Voltage Detection Method Electrostatic induction method

Voltage Range 70 to 1000VAC (50/60Hz)(sine wave,continuous input)

Clamp Diameter

3129 2 to 17mm

3129-10 10 to 40mm of insulated wiring

Display Phase Detection : Positive ; 4 LEDs lit in clockwise order and 3 short beeps

Negative ; 4 LEDs lit in counterclockwise order and one continuous beep

Live Wire Check : R-S and S-T lamps will light if voltage between wires are within voltage range

Battery Check Function ON lamp blinks to indicate battery low status when instrument is turned on

Auto Power Off Auto shut off if no activity is detected after power is turned ON for 15 minutes

Power supply Two AA size batteries 2 (rated voltage:DC3.0V; maximum rated ower:300mVA)

Continuous Use approx.70 hours (standby)

Dimensions, mass 70 mm (2.76 in)W x 75 mm (2.95 in)H x 30 mm (1.18 in)D, 240g (8.5 oz),

Cord length : 0.7m(27.56 in)

Accessories Carrying case(1), strap(1), R6P manganese batteries(2), spiral tube(1)

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