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LOGIC PROBE 9320-01,9320

Detect the Presence of Voltage or Relay Contact Signals with Memory HiCorders

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9320 For the Memory HiCorder, large terminal type
9320-01 For the Memory HiCorder, miniature terminal type

Note: Caution for terminal size connectiong to a Memory HiCorder




•4 channels input (Not isolated)
•For voltage/contact signal ON/OFF detection
•3 steps selectable of input threshold
•Response pulse width 500 ns or more
•Connection with a Memory HiCorder, miniature terminal type the 9320-01, large terminal type the 9320

Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)Note: The unit-side plug of the 9320-01 is different from the 9320

Function Detection of voltage signal or relay contact signal for High/Low state recording
Input 4 channels (common ground between unit and channels), digital/contact input, switchable (contact input can detect open-collector signals)
Input resistance: 1 MΩ (with digital input, 0 to +5 V)
500 kΩ or more (with digital input, +5 to +50V)
Pull-up resistance: 2 kΩ (contact input: internally pulled up to +5 V)
Digital input threshold 1.4V/ 2.5V/ 4.0V
Contact input detection resistance 1.4 V: 1.5 kΩ or higher (open) and 500 Ω or lower (short)
2.5 V: 3.5 kΩ or higher (open) and 1.5 kΩ or lower (short)
4.0 V: 25 kΩ or higher (open) and 8 kΩ or lower (short)
Response pulse width 500 ns or more
Max. allowable input 0 to +50V DC (the maximum voltage that can be applied across input pins without damage)
Dimensions and mass 62 mm (2.44 in)W × 94 mm (3.70 in)H × 20 mm (0.79 in)D, 150 g (5.3 oz), Main unit cable 1.5 m (4.92 ft), input section cable 300 mm (0.98 ft)
Accessories IC clip leads ×1, Alligator clip leads ×1, Carrying case ×1, Instruction Manual ×1

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Development and Evaluation of Electric Vehicle (EV) Quick Chargers 

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